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Networking and cooperation with CAGG Think Tanks network

We held several working meetings with Punto Latino Executive Director Luis Velez to actively collaborate in the co-organization of the VII Podium "Challenges of sustainable development in Latin America and the Caribbean: a multilateral vision" during the month of March at the University of Geneva.

Also Gonzalo Diéguez, executive director of CAGG, was invited to join the Honorary Committee together with Philippe Nell Honorary Ambassador of Switzerland in Latin America and Ives Flückiger University of Geneva Dean


We accompanied the mentoring and technical review of the following work proposals:

"Initiatives for Sharing and Finance for Sharing" prepared by the organization Education for Sharing in the 2023 call for projects sponsored by the Swiss Embassy in Argentina.

We also accompanied a proposal"Enabling Framework for charging stations for electric mobility in the Dominican Republic", prepared by the Mobility Network 2030 in the FIIAPP call for the Euroclima + program to be applied in Dominican Republic.


We held meetings with the Public Private Laboratory of the Group of Foundations and Companies (GDFE) to collaborate in the organization of a inception work day during the first semester of 2023 linked to the systematization and dissemination of good practices of public private collaboration in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile.

This inciative is included in the framework of a project "Public Private Articulation for Development" funded by the European Cooperation.


We organized the first working meeting between members of our CAGG network and the On Think Tanks platform to expand working synergies around the research agenda on the role of think tanks in Latin America.

We also promoted the use of a toolkit developed by OTT to successfully manage funding campaigns and international cooperation projects.

CESCOS Uruguay and Thinkers Brazil participated in this first meeting.


We met with Andrea Ordoñez, Executive Director of Southern Voices by exploring institutional synergies with members of the CAGG network in future work projects of south south cooperation framework.

Also we held a meeting with José Lozano, Director for Latin America in Alphamundi Group, to identify and promote CAGG Think Tanks network involvement in the design of technical reports that measure the impact caused in the projets implementation.


We participated in the "Blend Funding" conference organized by Building Bridges Geneva.


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