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We held a working meeting with Mark Assaf, UNCTAD Chief of Human Resources Development Section to explore institutional synergies by involving CAGG network members with TRAINforTRADE (T4T) a training program deployed in 132 countries around the world.


We met with Victor Savedra, Senior Researcher of FEDESARROLLO Colombia to explore joint actions around Alphamundi Group projects are been promoting in some countries of the Andean region such as Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia.

After that, we held several institutional meetings with Luis Fernando Mejía and Ximena Cadena, director and vice director of this prestigious Colombian think tank with more than 50 years of experience.

Consequently, Fedesarrollo also joins the CAGG think tank network after signing the framework cooperation agreement.


We also held support and mentoring meetings for grant writing proposals with Vetor Brasil and Instituto Millenium, two Brazilian think tanks wich are part of CAGG network within the framework of the EUROCLIMA + and EUROFRONT program calls in Brasilia.


We also met with Diego Durán Cruz and Daniela Araujo from the EU LAC Foundation based in Hamburg to discuss technical consultations about 3 projects developed by some of CAGG members network for the VI Annual Call for co-organization of events on topics relevant to the bi-regional partnership between the European Union and Latin America and the Caribbean.


Subsequently, we held working meetings with Asuntos del Sur, Poli Lab UNR and Grupo de Fundaciones, Argentina and CESCOS Uruguay to guide them some keys componentes about projects design on the folowing axes: food security, energy transition and digital transformation, which will be presented for the VI Annual Call for the bi-regional partnership between the EU / LATAMyC of the EU-LAC Foundation.


We also held a working meeting with Diego Bustamante Deputy Head, Latin America of the World Economic Forum to promote the agenda of visibility and financing of those key projects related to the prospective agenda of global governance promoted by the think tanks members of the CAGG network.

Some of the priority areas in which we will be collaborating jointly with WEF are the following: new formats for social inclusion and protection, innovative mechanisms for energy transition, the role of environmental entrepreneurs in the Amazon, and mechanisms to promote gender parity in public policies.



The VII podium forum "Challenges of sustainable development in Latin America and the Caribbean: a multilateral vision" was organized by Punto Latino, jointly with CAGG, the University of Geneva, Mexico Permanent Mission to the UN, Uruguay Permanent Mission to the UN, Chile Permanent Mission to the UN, APAIS (Peruvian Association of Academics and Researchers in Switzerland) and Red Global MX in Switzerland and Lichtenstein.

Gonzalo Diéguez, executive director of CAGG, was part of the honorary committee of this edition together with the Switzerland honorary ambassador in Latin America Philippe Nell and Ives Flückiger, dean of Geneva University.

Also he was a part of the series of interviewed experts whose contributions were published in the weeks previosuly to the seminar Podium -

The seminar held on March 16 at the University of Geneva addressed in a multidisciplinary manner challenges and opportunities faced by Geneva-based multilateral agencies and organizations in achieving sustainable development in Latin American and Caribbean countries in an framework influenced by the consequences of the COVID19 pandemic and the beginning of the war in Ukraine.

The seminar was attended by more than 15 leading specialists on international cooperation field, government management and the academic ecosystem, who interacted in four panels: Panel 1: The future of Work | Panel 2: Innovation and technology | Panel 3: Sustainable economic growth and the 5.0 economy | Panel 4: Challenges in health and the environment

The International Organizations participating in the VII Podium Forum were the following: International Labour Organization (ILO) World Economic Forum (WEF) Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipator (GESDA) European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) International Telecommunication Union (ITU) United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) World Trade Organization (WTO) World Health Organization (WHO) Universal Postal Union (UPU)

In the folowing link you can access to the recorded transmission


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