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7 work projects in 5 Latina American & Caribbean countries

We are currently developing seven work projects in five Latin American and Caribbean countries. These projects are funded by regular cooperation in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Colombia, and Honduras

6 cooperation funds provided by European agencies



Designing new content for the executive program on Innovation and Digital Transformation.

Following the work experience with 25 senior public officials from Argentina, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia, and Honduras in late September in Madrid, together with FUNDACIÓN ORTEGA-MARAÑÓN and Instituto de Investigación y Educación Económica, we are currently holding a series of meetings with new institutional partners to develop content for the upcoming 2024 edition.

One of our partners is the CENTER FOR ECONOMIC RESEARCH AND EDUCATION (CIDE) in Mexico. CIDE General

We had a meeting with Jorge Luis Ordelín and César Rentería, professors and researchers from the Department of Public Administration at CIDE General. They lead a research project related to developing algorithms for the public sector in Mexico.

CIDE's work is similar to other experiences in using artificial intelligence and machine learning in government administrations in the region, such as in Colombia and Chile.

During the meeting, we discussed integrating CIDE professors and researchers into the executive program curriculum. We also explored the possibility of organizing working meetings with public executives in Mexico City, Guadalajara, and Jalisco.


WORLD BANK, hub Latin America and Caribbean region

We also held a working meeting with Silvana Kostenbaum, senior specialist in digital government, transparency and modernization of the public sector of the governance area of the World Bank Latin America to explore institutional synergies around the realization of the next edition of the program and expand the call for senior officials from Uruguay and Dominican Republic, countries where the World Bank continues to deploy projects to strengthen state capacities.


POLI LAB, Argentina

We recently met with Rita Grandinetti, the director of del PoliLab UNR - Les invitamos a #fronterar... a laboratory for innovation in public initiatives based on collaboration and social co-creation.

During the meeting, we discussed various options for organizing a series of three meetings in 2024 in countries across Latin America and Europe. The purpose of these meetings will be to jointly present one of our most recent publications, which was co-edited with Bienvenid@s - Asuntos del Sur, an organization that is also part of the CAGG network of think tanks.


Working meetings with international cooperation actors

Triangular cooperation with Organización de Estados Iberoamericanos ( and Institute for New Economic Thinking (

We had a productive meeting with the Secretary General of the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI), Andrés Delich, and Francisco Javier Ardilla Suárez, the coordinator of the social protection area of the Institute for New Economic Thinking (IfNET), to coordinate a triangular cooperation strategy for the upcoming year.

In 2024, we will collaborate on research projects and dissemination activities related to the digital agenda, digital divides, and digital capabilities of educational ecosystems in the 19 Ibero-American countries.



We held an auspicious working meeting with Mario Canales, Digital trade specialist of the World Economic Forum to explore institutional synergies in 2024 and organize joint activities to disseminate and raise awareness of the digital transition and green transition agendas and their impact on the 33 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. We developed a first preliminary roadmap to deploy workshops in the cities of Geneva, Brussels and Madrid linking the 2030 agenda of the United Nations ecosystem with European cooperation.


Seminar organized by the European Think Tank Group (ettg): Strengthening EU-LAC Relations through Development Cooperation.

We were invited by Inicio - Real Instituto Elcano to participate in a consultation round organized by the - ETTG - european think tanks group, along with organizations and specialists in cooperation and development from Latin America and Europe.

The meeting focused on discussing the specific needs for development funding in Latin America. We proposed tailor-made solutions to promote new projects and identified the sectors to which the EU should direct its support.

This roundtable with the main stakeholders of the 'Europa Gateway' initiative was very productive and informative.


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