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Executive International Program: Innovation and Digital Transformation of the Public Sector

40 hours of theoretical and practical classes, including case analysis and immersive institutional visits, aim to provide participants with an in-depth understanding of seven successful digital transformation and innovation experiences in public and private organizations.

22 The program, organized by Instituto de Investigación y Educación Económica, was taught by professors from  FUNDACIÓN ORTEGA-MARAÑÓN and was attended by 22 senior public officials from Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay, Peru, and Spain.

In late September, we sponsored the international executive program "Innovation and Digital Transformation of the Public Sector" hosted by Ortega y Gasset University in Madrid Programa de innovación y transformación digital del sector público (

We participated alongside high-ranking public officials from Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, and Peru, all organized by the Institute for Economic Research and Education (Instituto de Investigación y Educación Económica).

Early morning, at the beautiful headquarters of the FUNDACIÓN ORTEGA-MARAÑÓN, we enjoyed the inaugural session by Óscar Cortés, Phd.

Now, it is time for an institutional visit exploring the case study. We will attend the Secretary of State for Digitalization and Artificial Intelligence of the Ministry of Economy and Digital Transformation of the Government of Spain. We will meet with Pilar Mairal  to learn in depth about new management tools and recent experiments on business process digitization.

During the conference break we visited the Consul General of Argentina, Daniel Alfredo Plaza and explored synergies for future activities in the 2024 academic calendar with the Cultural Affairs Direction at the Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, Comercio Internacional y Culto de la República Argentina

Very grateful for the kind welcome and valuable suggestions!

A great working meeting took place at the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI).

A full agenda of joint cooperation projects lies ahead.

Thank you, Donatella Montaldo and Andres Delich, for your willingness and generosity.

Thank you very much Tobias Jung Altrogge, for welcoming us at FIIAPP offices to discuss future collaborative actions. Very excited to actively participate in the cooperation projects that you are carrying out in 100 countries around the world.

We are particularly interested in engaging by collaborating on the EU-Latin America bi-regional agenda.

Here's to new projects in 2024!

A great working meeting with Maria Santillan O'Shea at the beautiful offices of  Elcano Royal Institute Real Instituto Elcano.

Many joint projects ahead of us, for the last part of 2023 and fundamentally throughout 2024!

Some of the priority areas for future shared work: The European Union - Latin America cooperation agenda, the linking of think tanks with high level public officials and the expansion of Ibero-American cooperation in public policy networks  Luis Orlandi Instituto de Investigación y Educación Económica Veronica Scutella.

We have completed the international executive program "Innovation and Digital Transformation of the Public Sector" at Ortega y Gasset University, organized by the Ortega-Marañón Foundation Institute for Economic Education and Research and sponsored by the Center for Advocacy and Global Growth.

It has been 5 fruitful days, 40 hours of classes, case analysis and immersive institutional visits to learn in depth about a comprehensive approach to public management experiences.

Together with high level officials from Argentina, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru and Spain, we taught, learned, discovered and reworked real experiences of public and private innovation.

A special acknowledgement for their generosity, professionalism and cordiality to Professors Manuel Arenilla Sáez Isabel Bazaga Ricardo García-Vegas Óscar Cortés, Ph.D


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