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9 Projects with EU funding


Mentoring and review of proposals Second call for proposals ALL INVEST green program

We started with the mentoring and quality review of 9 initiatives and proposals to obtain funding from component two of the ALL INVEST green program funded by the European Union.

We will be working on initiatives from the following countries: Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Guatemala and Honduras.



Gonzalo Diéguez, executive director of the CAGG, participated in the OTTConference 2023 "Think tanks and political uncertainty" organized by On Think Tanks in London at Chatham House attended by more than 35 organizations from 5 continents.

The OTT Summit were valuable to meet, connect, reflect and share with think tanks and colleagues from different regions of the world.

From identifying lessons learned to promoting disruptive methodologies, all in a collaborative work format.

Exchanging perspectives and experiences with colleagues and experts from countries of the global South and Europe is an absolutely enriching experience that inspires us to deploy innovative approaches to the global and cross-cutting issues we must face.



Philip Khan, CAGG's Chief Strategy Officer, was in Berlin for a new edition of the Global Solutions Forum, an event that brought together 100 speakers and 1,000 guests from around the world with a global view of the current systemic crises and where urgently needed global solutions were discussed.

Since 2017, the Global Solutions Summit has provided an intense two-day forum for world leaders to propose and debate research-based policy recommendations for the G20, G7 and global south.

During the conference, Philip Khan held meetings and workshops on food security projects with Friederike Franz, Deputy Head of Division of the "Global Forum for Food and Agriculture, G7/G20, Policies against Hunger" of the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

Also with Eugene Wong, Executive Director of the Institute for Sustainable Finance Asia based in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, Francisco Javier Ardila Suarez of the Institute for New Economic Thinking to explore synergies of new circular economy projects in the global south.

Finally, Philip also held a fruitful working meeting with Markus Lucke, Head of Projects at Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) to learn about the work axes and funding proposals 2023 - 2025 global south countries.



Gonzalo Dieguez, executive director at CAGG was invited to participate in the Just Transitions Forum organized by the EU-LAC Foundation in Barcelona, Spain from May 15 to 17.

The meeting brought together 80 academics, scientists, experts and representatives of civil society organizations specialized in the fight against climate change, energy and digital transitions.

The initiative was carried out with the support of the Institut Barcelona d'Estudis Internacionals (IBEI), the Diputació Barcelona, Caixa" Foundation and the Club of Rome.

The keynote speakers were Izabella Teixeira (Co-Chair of the International Resource Panel and Brazil former Minister of Environment, Felix Fernandez-Shaw (Director for Latin America and the Caribbean, on European Commission), and Rodolfo Lacy (OECD Director of Climate Action and Environment for Latin America).

Over the course of two days, participants shared valuable reflections on the current state of the EU-LAC bi-regional agenda, the needs and challenges of more digitized societies, and the relevance of such transitions for building more resilient, equitable and just societies.

The three thematic working groups led to productive discussions related to the economic, social and environmental costs of climate change; social protection measures in the framework of the energy transition in the midst of the crisis; and the digital, learning and productivity gap between LAC and the EU.



We held working meetings with Liliana Alvarado General Director and Javier Gonzalez, Director of Institutional Development both of Ethos Mexico to homologate the signing of a framework cooperation agreement between the CAGG and Ethos, as a recognized think tank key player in the generation of knowledge and innovative practices for social transformation in Mexico and Latin America.

We also held a working meeting to explore institutional synergies with Oscar Oszlak, senior researcher at the Centro de Estudios Estado y Sociedad (CEDES). Mercedes Iacoviello, Nomei Pulido and Mercedes Llano, researchers at Travesía a la Innovación task force, also participated in the meeting.

CEDES is a very prestiguos think tank with more than 45 years of work experience in social and economical studies in Argentina and several countries in LATAM region.


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