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The German Cooperation and Funding Agenda 2024 - 2027 in Africa

We had a fruitful work meeting with Mariya Gorbanova I LinkedIn, Project Coordinator at Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH (GIZ) I LinkedIn, for the African continent.

Together with Mariya, we reviewed some of the priority projects in the 2024 – 2027 funding plan of Home - in the Horn of Africa region, specifically in the following countries: Tanzania, Ghana, and Mozambique.

We also explored institutional synergies between GIZ and CAGG to collaborate in the dissemination and implementation of projects related to the digital transition and the green transition in more than 25 African countries, funded by German cooperation.

Additionally, we shared the new work agenda we are deploying from CAGG in 8 African countries to articulate and enhance mechanisms for triangular cooperation financing.

Promoting EU-LATAM Triangular Cooperation from the Austrian Development Agency

Together with colleagues from The Global School for New Leadership, we are collaborating on the VII edition of the Latin America Leaders Awards 2024, which will be held in December in Vienna, Austria.

In 2023, CAGG received a special mention in the high-impact social innovation enterprises category at this event, which gathered over 200 in-person attendees from 13 countries and 10,000 online participants.

For this new edition, we will be co-organizing a working panel aimed at identifying and disseminating the main institutional funds, programs, and projects of the EU intended to finance actions for the 2030 Agenda in the 33 countries of the Latin American region.

To this end, we will be bringing together officials from various cooperation agencies, European Commission authorities in Brussels, and program heads from the United Nations ecosystem in Geneva.

We participated in the AI for Good summit organized by ITU in Geneva, discovering the latest disruptive advances in artificial intelligence

We attended the AI for Good Global Summit 2024 organized by ITU on May 9-10 at the Geneva Convention Center, where more than 25 panels with prominent specialists in the digital innovation ecosystem, neural networks, and robotics took place.

Senior officials from various United Nations agencies also participated, brought together by the International Telecommunication Union, to share recent advancements and the disruptive contributions that artificial intelligence platforms are making towards achieving and accelerating the implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the 2030 Agenda.

The most recent exponential advances in regenerative biomedicine, improvements in astronomical and climate observation systems through quantum computing, the digital and educational divide, and the need for new regulatory frameworks were some of the recurring conclusions highlighted during the sessions.



Designing New Content for the 2024 Digital Transformation and Sustainability Programs with FUNDACIÓN ORTEGA-MARAÑÓN and the Institute for New Economic Thinking.

We continue to advance the new format of the international executive training programs aimed at a total of 35 senior officials and public executives from Latin America and the Caribbean.

In September and October, we will work with the Instituto de Investigación y Educación Económica and FUNDACIÓN ORTEGA-MARAÑÓN in Madrid, Spain, on the second edition of the international executive program in digital transformation and innovation.

The seminar’s curriculum structure includes theoretical content and practical case experiences alongside officials from organizations responsible for the design and implementation of plans to improve public policies and services supported by digitization processes.

We will also be involved in the first edition of the international sustainability program with the Institute for New Economic Thinking, with whom we are also exploring options to sponsor two dissemination activities organized by think tanks in Latin American countries and in Europe during the spring and summer of 2024.

Promoting Regional Consortia for Multilateral Cooperation Calls in Chile, Bolivia, and Argentina

Within the framework of the 2024 funding calls promoted by the SPANISH AGENCY FOR INTERNATIONAL DEVELOPMENT COOPERATION (AECID), we held several work meetings with Barrabé, Llika – Networks for Sustainable Human Development, Espacio Público from Chile, and the Institute for Research and Economic Education to design a multi-country consortium and present the proposal "Bridging Inequality."

The initiative presented has institutional funding from the Inter-American Development Bank through the Pillar III Economic Growth Initiative, which aims to identify and fund innovative solutions that help promote private investment in Latin American and Caribbean countries.

Exploring Synergies with the Club de Madrid

We held a work meeting with Rubén Campos, Program Director at the Club de Madrid.

The Club de Madrid is the world's largest forum of democratic former presidents and prime ministers, who leverage their unique leadership experience and global reach to strengthen inclusive democratic practices and improve the well-being of people worldwide.

As an international, non-partisan, non-profit organization, it draws on the practical governance experience of over 100 members from more than 70 countries, along with a global network of advisors and partners across all sectors of society.

After sharing work agendas and reviewing priority actions of y CENTER FOR ADVOCACY AND GLOBAL GROWTH | non-profit organization | Avenue de Champel 29, 1206 Geneva, Switzerland (, we explored various options for institutional collaboration through the signing of a framework agreement for cooperation and the integration of multi-country consortia to channel institutional funds from Ibero-American cooperation into various sustainable human development projects.


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