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Working meetings with international cooperation actors



We are continuing to expand institutional links with think tanks on the African continent to strengthen cooperation mechanisms in the global south, using funds from European cooperation.

Under the leadership of Luis Orlandi, CAGG's fundraising and partnership development expert, we have signed framework cooperation agreements with the following organizations:


Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between CAGG and  UONGOZI Institute: Resumen | LinkedIn 

The African Leadership Institute for Sustainable Development (UONGOZI) is supported by the governments of Tanzania and Finland, as well as other valuable partners such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).


UONGOZI offers high-quality services and products to leaders in Tanzania and Africa's public and private sectors. It typically works with senior public officials, including ministers, permanent secretaries, parliamentarians, senior judiciary officials, regional commissioners, regional administrative secretaries, district commissioners, and directors of local administrations and boards of directors.

Signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between CAGG and  Centre for Democracy and Development: Resumen | LinkedIn  Center for Demoracy and Developement CDD West Africa.


After a series of meetings with CDD Director Kole Shettima and Director Sa'eed Husaini, we signed a cooperation agreement to work together on CDD-led technical assistance and capacity building projects in Nigeria, Senegal, Mauritania, and Ivory Coast.


CDD was established in the United Kingdom in 1997 and subsequently registered in Lagos, Nigeria in 1999 as an independent organization dedicated to research, training, advocacy, and capacity building.


For more than 23 years, CDD has mobilized global resources to support democratic development and provided an independent space to critically reflect on the challenges of democratization and development processes in West Africa. We offer alternatives and best practices for sustaining democracy and development in the region.


Welcome UONGOZI Institute: Resumen | LinkedIn y  Centre for Democracy and Development: Resumen | LinkedIn  to CAGG international cooperation network for the global south!



To jointly explore institutional synergies in Ghana, we had an auspicious meeting with Franklin Cudjoe | LinkedIn Founder and CEO of IMANI.


 IMANI is focused on bridging the gap of citizen participation in governance processes in Ghana and has more than 50 media partners in Africa through which IMANI deploys its advocacy strategy with authorities at different levels of government.

IMANI Centre for Policy and Education - Imani Africa IMANI Centre for Policy and Education - has been producing relevant, high quality and impactful research for 10 years in the media, particularly in a wide range of mainstream newspapers, the internet and appearances on popular television and radio programs.



We held a working meeting with Velynne Ji, Global Coordinator and Tianze Shan Executive Committee Member at SCLA: Resumen | LinkedIn to involve CAGG in the second edition of the AI FOR DEVELOPING COUNTRIES FORUM – 2024: EQUAL ACCESS TO LAW ( 


During the meeting, we explored different options to involve as speakers leaders and specialists from social organizations and think tanks from the Global South, especially from Latin America and the Caribbean and Africa.

Some of the thematic axes of the second forum will be oriented to the analysis of the context of the official presentation of the new regulatory regulation of the European Union on the development and use of artificial intelligence technologies, the view of the Global South on the applicability gaps and regulatory gaps.


Meeting with The Global School for New Leadership  Austria

We held a new working meeting with Cristina Frint to explore institutional support from the  Austrian Development Agency: Resumen | LinkedIn to promote work projects in Chile and Brazil focused on inclusive finance with a gender perspective in rural areas.




New Edition 2024 of the International Executive Program on Digital Transformation and Innovation for Senior Officials and CSO Leaders in Ibero-America.

We held a meeting with Verónica Scutella and Agustín Daniele, members of the Institute for Economic Research and Education Instituto de Investigación y Educación Económica, to define the final details of the new edition of the International Executive Program in Digital Transformation and Innovation, which will be held in Madrid from 23 to 27 September, in collaboration with ORTEGA-MARAÑÓN FOUNDATION FUNDACIÓN ORTEGA-MARAÑÓN

The curriculum structure of the seminar will include theoretical content and case study experiences with officials from organizations responsible for designing and implementing plans to improve public policies and services supported by digitization processes.



Preparatory Meeting for Project Funding 2024 Institute for New Economic Thinking, Berlin 

With Francisco Ardilla Suarez from the International Project Support Program of the Institute for New Economic Thinking: Summary Institute for New Economic Thinking: Resumen | LinkedIn  we analyzed different options to accompany the scholarship offer of the second edition of the International Executive Program in Digital Transformation and Innovation, aimed at the 30 senior officials and CSO leaders from Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia and Panama.

We also explored the possibility of sponsoring two outreach activities organized by think tanks in Latin American countries and in Europe in the spring and summer of 2024.

También estudiamos opciones para sponsorear 2 actividades de difusión organizadas por think tanks en países de América Latina y en Europa durante la primavera y el verano de 2024.


Meeting with Colombia Academy of Public Management   Academia de la Gestión Pública: Resumen | LinkedIn

Together with Sandra Avellaneda, Lorena Cuellar and Héctor Hernández, we held an institutional meeting to explore possible cooperation funds to finance two projects to train and raise awareness of senior public managers in the digital transformation and circular economy agenda.

The is a study and research center whose purpose is to provide both public managers and private parties that contract with the state with practical tools to prevent criminal, fiscal and disciplinary risks, seeking to combine efficiency and security.

It works with more than 125 municipalities in Colombia and has developed training programs for more than 1,500 national, subnational and local officials.


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